bitch pudding (krissi) wrote in peterborough,
bitch pudding

Bus service

Hi everyone!
I'm going to live in Peterborough from Sept-Feb as I'm getting my teaching degree at Trent. I can't take my car so I'm wondering what the bus service is like over there. I live in Toronto and am pretty used to bus service every 5 minutes from my house so I realize this will be a change!

I've checked the website for the Trent express and Route 1 and they come every 20 minutes. That's cool if I'm starting from a terminal, but I'm going to be starting from Hilliard Street so I'm wondering if anyone lives around that area and can tell me when I should be expecting bus service there for both the Trent express and Route 1. I figure it won't be at times like 8AM, 8:20AM, etc. as shown on the website, but earlier/later.

Also what in the world is around the Hilliard area in terms of food? There's Joanne's Health and Beauty store, but is there anything else as well?

Help a newbie out. :)
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